On Living in the Shadow of Death

Just found out I have an illness I could die from sooner rather than later. Now, let me say here that death doesn’t hold any fear for me. At least not in my outcome. I am confident in spending eternity with my Lord Jesus Christ. My sins are forgiven and I am not afraid. I do, however, have concerns.

There are so many things I will be leaving undone if my time should come up now. People depend on me for various things. That’s not to over estimate my importance in the world as a whole, but in my own small world my passing will make a difference. First and foremost, I have responsibilities that I do not feel comfortable leaving to others. But what can I do? What can anyone do except pick them up and go forward the best they can?

I have a book, a middle grade novel that I dearly want to complete and share with the public. As energy permits, that will take a greater place of importance than I have assigned it in the last few weeks. So many priorities bubble up ahead of the others like alka seltzer dropped in a glass of water. Time to reassess and get busy. Believe it or not, the hospital can be a great place to get a lot of personal work done if I don’t waste my time.

Well, enough ranting. Just wanted to share if anyone is out there to hear. Let me know what you think? What if you found out news like that? How would you face it? I would really like to know.


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