Lynette Mirie is a creative writer. She has written award-winning grants for a non-profit organization. As a volunteer in her church office, she composed letters for the prison correspondence ministry as well as for various business purposes. Lynette is currently working on a Middle Grade novel. She is a member of the SCBWI.

Lynette overcame dyslexia early in life through a technique later deemed by science as ineffective. Reading became her passion in life. She developed eclectic tastes in books, music, and other activities. Embroidery, beading, cross stitch and crochet fulfilled some of Lynette’s creative urges, but her many ideas cried out for other outlets.

Writing tops the list of favorites for this former hippie who considers herself a Jill of all trades and master of none. Clay pots, candles, feathers, gourds, medicine bottles and faces all became blank canvases for Lynette’s paintbrush. In time, photography opened up a whole new world of art.

Lynette taught preschool kids in an inner city children’s church for over 15 years. Storytelling, crafts, games and snacks using all five senses engaged her students in memorable life lessons. Training teachers in this effective method assures that children in her small corner of the world benefit from a solid foundation of faith.

Life contains enough drama and conflict without adding to it, so Lynette tries not to take herself too seriously. Busying herself in constructive pursuits leads to a more positive outlook and productive day. Dwelling on the past fosters guilt and regret. Worrying about the future borrows trouble. Living in the present keeps her focused on important things.

Lynette works hard to meet goals by planning ahead and taking them one step at a time. Distractions play the role of antagonist in the process (“ooh shiny!” and “let’s play Jewel Quest”). But in the end she gets things done.


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